Monday, May 25, 2009

"Gentleman of Leisure (Not)"

Lately Elder Heiner and I have not been taking lunches. It takes too much time to go home and eat, so lately we have just been splitting baguettes (a type of french bread) which is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread. It holds us over though. It's funny too seems whenever we make a sacrifice like that we always will find people who want to give us food or something like that. The other day we were out and really thirsty and hungry, and this lady invites us in for a lesson and we eat some keesh stuff (quiche?) and drink some would think it was luck, but of course its not. Its the blessings of God.

Elder Wright and I are really excited for the zone this next week. Its zone conference and the last one of President Robison's mission. For the Saturday we have 10 baptisms set up from all of Guadeloupe....ok, well it's about 7, but the Lord wants it to be 10 so the zone will be fasting this Tuesday to make sure it happens. There are a couple of investigators who just aren't sure yet. So if you would like to fast with us or pray that would be great. Other than that things are good. This week will be hectic with zone conference and other things, but it's good.

I have been so tired seems like days are just flying by in a blur. I have been getting up at 5:30 every morning now for some more work out and study time and its really been paying off. I think if I didn't work out I wouldn't have energy to be tracting all day. Especially because of late the sun has been blazing, and with the humidity its rough.

Our apartment isn't meant for 4 elders, but it is big enough. We have four there so that we can all get legal on the Bassterre side of Guadeloupe. Right now it's elder Wright who is using the car for the most part. I'm alright with that though; I prefer to walk

For the most part Guadeloupe will never be back to normal. Because of the help of the branch missionaries the work is gonna explode, but there are missionaries in Moule again.

The branch in Lamentin is the strongest branch, and there are probably about 40 people that show up every week. The members there are just so are never worried about an investigator not feeling the spirit at the meetings because they are always so strong and uplifting...with other branches sometimes you worry.

So this week was the Guadeloupe talent show....and the elders got put on the spot to do something right before it started. Using our brains we pulled together that we might be able to pull off a dance....there was a some sort of DJ there that just happened to have a seventies music CD...of course I have some past memories goin' through my head of throwin' down the moves at Grandma's and even more when I saw they had Staying Alive by the Beegees... haha. It was probably the most fun I'd had in a while. I got a good video that I'll be sending.

Well i love you all. I want to bear you my testimony of prayer and how sincerely our Heavenly Father listens and comfort us through prayer. It is the only way to find out what our Father in Heaven wants for us and wants us to do. Prayer is the pillar of faith for me, and I know that if we remember to always have a prayer in our heart, that we will be guided in all things.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"It's All About the Water"

The work has been pretty good. The Lord has been blessing Elder Heiner and I with a bunch of success. We were able to have an entire family at church for the second week in a row and this time they brought their aunt. We have baptismal dates with them and hopefully they will go through the week President Robison comes for his last zone conference in Guadeloupe. Alexandra's baptism went through; it was just great! I'm not going to lie though, I'm getting to be quite the pro at giving talks on the gift of the Holy Ghost.

OK that is all for this week. Yesterday was kind of a crazy day so I didn't have time to do e-mails. So, this week's letter is just a short one, but I loved the e-mails, and can't wait to hear from you next week.

Avec amour,


PS, Tucker really has to learn to tie a knot hahaha, but well done on the date!

If only they ate like this every day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Coastal Confessions"

We were able to talk to Andy (and see him) via Skype on Mother's Day. While Skype has its limitations (voice lags, talking over each other), it was great to see that Andy is doing well and is happy. We had just a few questions for him in our e-mails.

* How is it being a trainer? Are you finding that it's a lot of work? Well yeah...I'm probably more nervous to be a trainer than a zone leader. Elder Heiner is a stud; he is a hard worker and is really obedient...... and doesn't speak a lick of french. Luckily he has great study habits and should catch on pretty quickly .... hopefully. French 24 seven! yee haa...that will probably be harder on me though...just 'cause of self control. But a trainer is tough cause at night I'm usually on the phone with district leaders and I feel I don't have any time to be with and train my blue. Our nightly planning is often done in segments because it's always interrupted by the phone

* Are you still working the Moule area? In which branch will your baptisms be? Well, our baptism in Moule, Soeur Gustav, will not be ours because there are new elders coming in who should take over for us, but we should have another one this Sunday in Lamentin for a girl named Alexandra.

* How is the zone leader gig going? What are the challenges of that? The challenge is definitely having to keep elders from getting out of hand to still being buddies with them. It has gotten easier though. I have definitely worked harder these last two weeks in training and being a zone leader than I have in my whole mission. Luckily I have really felt the comforting and energizing feeling of the spirit as I have been able to give more. In fact, for the last two weeks I have slowly been trying to move my wake up time to 5:30 with Wlder Heiner and was falling short(about 6) almost every morning. But, the other night I went to bed with a prayer that I qouls be able to wake up at 5:30, and I woke up before the alarm went off! It's so crazy how when you are doing the little things that don't seem important that God blesses you with little things that may not seem that important. And i really don't get too tired during they day. MAN the spirit is so SWEET! Really who needs coffee? or tea? ......actually I just remembered I have been getting into herbal tea because I found a plant behind our house that makes some good herbal tea.....but that doesn't count (we hope that herbal tea doesn't have any other medicinal qualities!).

* We want to be as supportive as possible. Would it be helpful if we sent your more letters (not just emails)? hahaha, sorry I was just joking....a letter every once in a while wouldn't hurt, but its up to guys the best.

* Do you have any concerns or worries? Yes....I'm getting fat!!!!!

Andy's Current Companion Elder Heiner (arrow pointing to him)

More Guadeloupe

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Fifteen Gears"

Pictures from Zone Conference:
Andy & Elder Wright

Andy participating in an object lesson at zone conference

Some of the elders of Guadeloupe

Just a short note this week:

Well we should be having a baptism this Sunday after church (we pray). And also this lets plan on a Mother's Day call about 1600 our time...except I think we will try skype...if not I'll call by a calling card that I will buy...and call does that sound? Actually, just plan on me calling you sometime that night at that time...we will save Skype for next Christmas. Clear as mud?

We had a question about why missionaries can only be on the West island? Andy's response: It's all about getting legal..we have a connection down in the Bass Terre prefixture(legality building) that gets us through faster. If we aren't legal, we can't be transfered off thats a big goal right now.

How's driving a stick? You catching on to it? hahahaha, it is a blast....Elder Colling taught me and he isn't the most patient guy....picture the most anal guy you have ever met....on steriods.... I love him to death though...but I've got the hang of it....haha well except for all the stalling. Nah, it's fun though.

What town is Elder Wright from (Chris K wants to know)? It is Pine Top, Arizona.

Isn't Guadeloupe beautiful?